INTERMEDIATE RANGE - for ages 5 and upwards

Introducing a range of solid bodied space craft, hand made from softwood. They can be varnished or painted. Items from this range are normally on display and available to buy from ANTARES CONCEPTS at MERTON ABBEY MILLS CRAFT MARKET.

System Cruiser

SYSTEM CRUISER made from softwood, approximately 52cm long, supplied with display base  

DSCN0855-edit 23rdCentSpaceCraft-s SmlSpc8

Space Craft 23C with display base - Natural Finish £7.00

Painted, Lined and Lettered £12.00

Painted £9.00

NEW!!!   Futuristic Vehicles measuring approx 33cm long, with separating body to make painting easier. Also ideal as a starting base to add kit-bashed details (build coming soon). Other variants will be introduced throughout the year

23rdCentVehiclePaint 23rdCentVehicle-s

                                  Natural £8.00

                                Painted £10.00

Painted, Lined and Lettered £12.00