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SPACE  CITY - Buildings of the FUTURE, available NOW

Space City11
Space City7
Space City9

Futuristic buildings, utilising a modular assembly from standard parts, made from MDF and detailled with plastic and resin parts, designed by us (or YOU!) and available either ready painted or in grey primer. Sizes approx. 15-100cm, prices tba.

These items have just been designed and we are in the process of finishing the first models, more pictures to come soon!!

Space City10bb
Space City-2ss
Space City-1

Simply choose either a standard configuration, or make up your own from standard modules. You really can build your own SPACE CITY!  3 sizes avaialable: 100cm (pictured), 50cm and 25cm, each one reconfigurable for when you feel like changing your futuristic cityscape.

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